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We are able to work with our clients and develop solutions to all their data analytics needs. We take an end-to-end approach to the business solution from data collection, cleaning, edition, and load into a Data Lakes, modeling, regular reporting, and business-oriented dashboards definitions to actionable business value creation. Ultimately, we intend to show the impact insights on the data have on the top or the bottom line of our client businesses.


Business-oriented solutions

Sales: forecasts, trends, and seasonality, demand prediction. Pricing & profit maximization.

Taxes: using our Intellectum® framework, we have developed a solution geared to corporate tax reporting and auditing. We know how difficult it is to collect, consolidate, transform and audit tax-related data. We have been able to reduce the manual requirements from these processes and produce consistent and traceable audit-ready reports to be used by our client regulatory reporting teams. CLICK HERE for more information.

Market: analysis of consumer behavior in the short and long term (probabilistic models), supply and demand, price optimization, revenue maximization, and customer churn predictions.

Manufacturing and production: feasibility and optimization of resource allocation, decision making in scenarios of low and high uncertainty. Storage and distribution optimization. Simulations Decision Trees (risk strategy).

Human Resources: people analytics, employee performance, staffing cycle; hiring vs. internal mobility, career development, rotation, and desertion prediction.

Marketing effectiveness. Our Intellectum® framework has been able to highlight the processes and key reports that will show how to integrate metrics in different marketing disciplines:

  • PPC/SEM: CTR & Budget optimization. A/B Test for ads relevance determination.
  • Social Media: text sentiment analysis, reach, engagement optimization models.
  • Marketing Analytics:  GPR’s – gross rating points, reach, frequency, OTS – opportunity to see, SOV – Share of Voice, SOI – Share of Investment, CPP/CPM – Cost per rating point.

CCAR (Comprehensive Capital Analysis & Review): consolidate all data generated from stress tests, use analytical techniques to understand and interpret the data, report results and reveal insights from the data. Client trade validation; identification of deviation from operations associated to certain clients. Identify risks in execution as well as impact in the portfolio.

Government: Finances, tax auditory, and collection (commercial, properties, and other taxes).

Data and Analytics


  • Data Collection & Preparation.
        Edit, Transformation & Load (ETL).
  • Data Consolidation & Analysis.
        Modeling, Model Validation, and Maintenance.
        Training & Machine Learning.

Projects – Business as Usual

  • Regular collection and analysis.
  • Regular analysis, findings, predictions and data reporting via easy to read, and smart Dashboards, and business-oriented recommendations.
  • Data related business processes.
  • Strategies, and future actions with direct positive impact on the business.


Data Lake creation, set-up, configuration. Covering BigData and Data Warehouse solutions. Managed Data Lakes. Data Lakes in Private / Public / Hybrid Cloud.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) oriented to data entry collection and transformation.

Cloud Consulting:

  • Application focused Cloud Migration.
  • Data and Workloads migration to Cloud (Public, Private, Hybrid).
  • Transformation to Cloud Native Services and Micro Services (PAAS).
  • Performance Analysis of virtual Environments on prem environment, Private and Public clouds.
  • Workload optimization using real-time Data Analytics and Machine Learning.
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